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Merry Christmas & Happy New year from MadeUp by May



I can’t believe i’m doing my last wedding for 2014 this Christmas Eve- This year has just gone so fast it is unbelievable!

So many great things have happened, I became a mummy for the first time in January and have been able to work with so many amazing Brides and clients for weddings, formals and lots of cuts and colours and nails in my home studio. This year I also introduced Bio Sculpture Gel nails into my studio where I get to create some gorgeous nail art for my amazing and adventurous clients!

I would love to thank you all for your amazing support and I can’t wait to work with my new brides and clients in 2015!

I will be closed from 5pm on the 24th of December and will re-open on January 8th for a nail day then the 10th for a wedding and will close again until the 19th of January. I will have access to my emails during this time though so if you have a booking enquiry for 2015 please email me and I will respond when I can.

It’s our first Christmas with our little Madelina Moo so we are so so super excited to have a baby in the house so  Santa will come to visit.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas filled with lots of yummy food!

XX May


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Things to pack in the Bridal Bag


Bridal Bag - What to pack

I get asked by brides all the time about what they should have with them on their wedding day.

On my wedding day I was lucky enough to have one of my wonderful bridesmaids pack an ‘emergency bag’ which she kept with her for the day. During the ceremony the bag stayed in the bridal car which made it easy to access during our location photo sessions.

Although we didn’t use most of the things in the emergency bag they were things that would have come in handy if we ran into any problems.

I have decided to do a list of things that are good to have in your emergency bag. Hopefully you find something on this list that you hadn’t thought of. I know that all I had thought of for the day was having my lipstick and lipgloss handy for touch ups!

So we might as well start there:

Lip Stick &/or Lipgloss

It is important to have the lip stick and lip gloss that you will be wearing for the day as this is the makeup that will wear off the most as your day goes on- Generally the makeup artist leaves before you are even in your dress and if you have a few pre wedding beverages and photos before hand you may need to be touching up your lippie before you even make it down the aisle.

It is a good idea to have some straws handy where you are getting ready so that your lips stay as neat as possible.

Powder/Blotting Paper

If you tend to get shiny as the day goes on it can be a good idea to have your powder and puff to fix up any shine that you may get (before having my daughter I would get really shiny in the T-zone as the day went on) You can buy blotting paper from places like Priceline which will take the oil off your face while leaving your makeup in place.

If you are getting a spray tan for your big day it is a good idea to make sure you have a powder that matches your new bronzed shade.

Bandaids/ Blister gel pads

Just in case you and your beautiful new wedding shoes turn out not to be friends a bandaid or blister guard may be one of the best things you have seen come dinner time on your big day. (Ladies who have had a horrid blister by lunch time on a work day from a new pair of shoes know what i’m talking about!!)

Flat Shoes

It might be a good idea to have some backup flats to change into – My maid of honour bailed on her heels as we pulled up to our ceremony location and decided to change into the flats we had ready in the car because she felt like she was going to fall over walking in the shoes we had, they were only kitten heels but she isn’t a heel girl- bless her:) I’m just glad we had flats for her to change into.

Safety Pins/ Needle and thread / Hollywood tape

For zipper/wardrobe malfunctions. Don’t be a victim of the nip slip on your wedding day!


The car service that we had provided beer and champagne but once I jumped in that car I really just needed a big drink of H2O!

Chewy or Mints

Don’t forget to ditch the gum right before you walk down the aisle


You do a lot of running around and the adrenalin pumps pretty hard when you say ‘i-do’ so some nice smelly stuff might make you feel that much fresher as the day goes on – You do spend most of the day with your arms up hugging all of your guests and you brand new husband of course

Tissues or maybe a nice Bridal Hanky

Don’t forget if you cry to dab your eyes, don’t rub them “Dab Up”


They say to cover and marks on your dress- this is one I haven’t tested out

Panadol/Hayfever tablets/Rescue Remedy

Don’t bring a whole chemist with you but if they are needed these little babies might make you feel so much better.

Your ID


A Nail File

Feminine Hygiene Products

Snacks for the bridal party

a good idea for when you are having your photos done

Mini Hairspray/Bobby Pins

Whilst you generally get copious amounts of hairspray sprayed onto your head when your hair has been done you may have an unruly fringe that you didn’t notice was waving right into your face until you walked out into the wind so having some spray to just tame that piece of hair will save your sanity and probably your photos as well.

Just incase you or one of your brides maids decides to go all heavy metal and starts head banging and pops a curl bobby pins just to pop that curl back where it should be is a good idea.

I know a lot of people say to pack clear nail polish for any stocking runs – But I think it would be easier to pack a spare pair of stockings if you are wearing them and you are worried about ladders – Time is generally not a luxury you have on your wedding day so applying stinky nail polish and waiting for it to dry seems a bit full on to me!

Let me know if there is something I have missed or something you wish you had packed in your bag for a special occasion or on your wedding day!

I hope this helps






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